Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

The most recommended and the super adventurous trip of U.A.E is desert safari dubai. According to tourists and tour, destination surveys evening desert safari is the most attractive and one of the leading, most tourist trips, which is highly recommended to all people by the tourists have been there.  Dubai desert safari has been the top most attractive of tours and trips related to the north side, and evening desert safari has been the favorite most sub-tour package of great tourists deals of dubai desert safari.

It is indeed adventurous and pleasing to explore the beauty and standards of red sand dunes in the supreme widest desert of dubai which is the largest desert in the world. The evening desert safari is among the greatest and attractive deals of dubai desert safari, it holds brilliance of the desert, super most secretive beauty and numerous fun attractions that are supposed impossible in golden sand hills.

What is in evening desert safari for tourists?

On evening desert safari, you have a chance to explore the night vision of dubai desert and a great chance to find out the golden secrets of the desert in the glorious night.  You will have the great chance to get the pleasure of some thrilling, exciting, and most adorable activities in the golden desert. Initially, the great ride will be waiting for you to take away all fun by exploring the glorious and mysterious beauty of sandy paradise from the car, also guide will tell you each and every knowledge about the alarming sandy heaven of the dubai desert. Moreover, tourists will get the chance to be the fearless once by the nerve-wracking thrilling ride and bashing dunes with quad biking or in other words’ sand boarding.

After the wonder ride, you will be welcoming for several types of refreshment to intake what you wish to consume from soft drinks to a lot more hot and chilled drinks. Now you will get the option to capture the rich traditional Arabic culture in the memorable form of photography by wearing diverse arabic outfits and by applying henna tattoo at arms. Visit desert and do not ride on a camel, will be the unfair act guys, isn’t? You will get a free camel ride to experience like the king of the Dubai desert emperor. After the sun will get set and said goodbye to you, it is the time to say HELLO to deluxe, elite pleasure of amazing Arabic dance performances, you should feel like you are the emperor and your slaves entertaining you in the dark night of the dubai desert. The most talented belly dancers will perform stunningly hottest dance performance, also you will get a chance to view live fireworks just after the performances.

An unforgettable moment when the sandy paradise will be twinkling with the colorful and bright fireworks in the dark sky along with numerous stars. The popular most tanoura show will be waiting for you to entertain you so well and lighten up your fun moments with the memorable performances at the outstanding environment of the dark desert all around you. In evening desert safari there are fewer amazing packages set for all people according to friends, family or a number of tourists you are, you can select among basic, advanced, golden and silver packages with the different range of prices.